torsdag 26 januari 2012

2012 wishes

A lil goofy message to you ALL out there ;) !!! 1 Luv / B

Another day By The beach ..

Me & Giselle a girl i met here with her mom, yesterday by the beach .

U meet so many cool people here,they strive to make you feel welcome to their country & appreciated
Something that i sure as hell can't say about most countries i have been to.

onsdag 25 januari 2012

Taking Time Out

for a couple of days to regain my strength & focus on certain things that i don't want to share at this time.
so that includes me not updating my blog as much but only for a brief moment. & who knows i might update later today again , If i feel like it ;)
 Last night when i was sitting by the beach meditating & watching the stars , PRICELESS!

lördag 21 januari 2012


Went out with a brazilian friend  that i met last time i was in rio.

Sitting on the rooftop of a club in Lapa

                                          Italos "Puppy eyes" with a shark mentality
                                   & this is what i look like when i got bck this morning lol
Time 2 go get ready 4 the beach ;) 
Oh God how I love Rio 

Cappy Clouds

A strange cloud that i saw yesterday , wat does it look like 2 u ???

2 me it looks like a capricorn thats resting his body ....  lol

fredag 20 januari 2012

Jazz Street Party

B4 heading out ;)
On our way ....
                           I would never walk in flip flops to a street party in any other place then Rio
so comfy doe , specially for the streets in rio with the big tiled stones in the streets 

Felicia, B & Maria

It was easily 3-4000 people there on Wednesday night , its going down there every wednesday until 5 am. was a different experience , i was standing far away from the stage so i didn't bother taking pics of the bands.But damn Rio knows how 2 party ;)

torsdag 19 januari 2012

Sun = NRG

                                                        Love chilling by the beach 

This girl Tatian came up 2 me with her friend and asked if they could sit with me lol so cute

I was about 2 beat up a guy today for trying to take pics of me , don't like when random people tryna take ure pics on the sly , that happens to me a lot specially here. I don't know wtf they gonna do with my pictures , wackos .
It's one thing if i happen to stand in ure way while u take my pic , but to keep pointing ure cam on me evendoe im trying to cover my face , thats strait up disrespectful !